Wednesday, January 03, 2007


CT & Nurul
A smiling CT from inside the bus

On the first of January, My CT left home, for the first time away from her parents. She is among the thousands of young Malaysians sent for national service. She would be away in Bukit Saban Camp Betong for next three months.

Little did I realised how fast the time moved. CT looked confident and strong and I prayed to Allah that she be consistent with the strength and would complete the service and coming backwith strong character.

It looks funny too when all her four elder brothers went to the Stadium Perpaduan, Kuching to bid her farewell. I felt touched by the love shoiwn by the brothers. CT must be proud of her brothers. I definitely am.

Yesterday she called home. Her mum picked up the phone. She talked about when we are allowed to visit her. Yeah..that's what I am waiting for..a long drive to Betong.

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